Services - Ethical Hacking


Computers around the world are likely to be attacked by crackers or hackers able to compromise computer systems and steal valuable or erase much of her information. This is essential to know whether these systems and data networks are protected from any intrusion .

Therefore the main objective of Ethical Hacking ( ethical hacking ) is to exploit existing vulnerabilities in the system of "interest" test using intrusion , which verify and evaluate the physical and logical security of information systems , computer networks , applications web , databases , servers, etc. . In order to gain access and " prove" that a system is vulnerable, this information is helpful to organizations when taking preventive measures against possible malicious attacks.

That said, the service is Ethical Hacking simulation scenarios where attacks are reproduced in a controlled manner , and cybercriminals own activities , such action is justified by the idea that :

" To catch an intruder , you must first think like intruder "

OVMC Technology , Execute ethical hacking services ( Pentesting ) to assess the safety level of existing services and open servers and active and passive network ports determined by the customer ; tests will be conducted in both the network layer and application layer .

Run service aligned with ethical hacking OSSTMM , LPT , and OWASP methodologies , validated methodologies and accepted worldwide.

Submit the reports required by the client in which the current state of security and risk services Computer and devices evaluated were apparent.