Solutions - Free Software Tools




It is a Network Monitoring System created by Alexei Vladishev. It is designed to monitor and record the status of various network services, servers, and network hardware.


It is a collection of tools under the GPL license, designed to help network administrators in computer security, intrusion detection and prevention.


It is a collection of support tools capable of supporting the needs of teams on IP networks. It is based on a client-server architecture that is effective and easy to manage, given the wide range of functions and features provided; backup and restore files damaged or lost. Furthermore, due to its modular structure and development, Bacula fits both personal and business use, for very large computers parks.



It is a groupware solution via the web, open source. It is written in PHP using databases such as LDAP, PostgreSQL, or MySQL. Includes a calendar, an address book, a contact manager, email client IMAP a InfoLog, CRM functions, a project manager, a resource manager, a file manager, a staff of times, a wiki , a knowledge base and workflow engine.



Is an open source web application to provide online support to the use of multi-agent supporting tickets.
The application can automatically convert the e-mails in support tickets (e-mail piping) which eliminates "the need to use the web interface" for customers.


Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation (OCS) is a free software that allows users to manage the inventory of their IT assets. OCS-NG collects information about the hardware and software of computers on the network running the OCS client program ("OCS Inventory Agent"). OCS can be used to display the inventory through a web interface.



GLPI ("Gestion du Parc Informatique Royalty") is a free software program for the administration and management of a set of computing resources. Also defined as a computer resource manager that has a web-based management console in PHP.