Services - Perimeter Security


Perimeter security corresponds to the integration of components and systems , whether electronic or mechanical , for the protection of physical perimeters , detection of intrusion attempts and / or deterring intruders in sensitive installations. These systems include tactical radars, videosensores , sensorized fences , sensors, cables, microwave and infrared barriers , concertina , etc. .

Perimeter security systems can be classified according to the geometry of their coverage ( volumetric , surface , linear , etc. . ) , The physical principle of action ( optical fiber cable , RF cable , cable pressure , microphone cable, etc. . ) or by the support system ( self-supporting , supported , buried , visual detection, etc. . ) .

Are also classified according to the means of detection :

Open Perimeter Systems : Those who depend on the environmental conditions to detect . As an example , video surveillance , infrared barriers and microwave barriers . This feature causes false alarms or numbness in adverse environmental conditions.

Closed Perimeter Systems : Those who do not depend on the environment and control only the control parameter . As an example , the former microphonic cables, fiber optics and piezoelectric sensors. This type of sensor is usually a higher cost .