IBM PureFlex System

PureFlex System combines compute, storage, network, virtualization and management into a single system infrastructure is adept at anticipating needs feel and resources to optimize your infrastructure. PureFlex System includes integrated skills designed to automate and streamline the deployment and maintenance of their workloads patterns.

PureFlex System is available in three configurations (Express, Standard and Enterprise), with compute nodes based on x86 or POWER processor, which can be further customized with additional options to meet your precise needs of infrastructure


IBM Flex System

You know your business and IT needs. You want to build a tuned solution for your applications and services. You need an infrastructure solution that goes beyond blades, a flexible architecture to support your needs today-and tomorrow. And you need simple and integrated to maintain low operating costs management. But you also want a project without risk and offers long-term protection of investments.

If you need to transition or migrate existing blade infrastructure to simplify management and improve performance and flexibilisation, IBM Flex System can meet your needs. Flex technology IBM System delivers performance and flexibilisation you need now and is designed to support multiple generations of future technologies.



  • Installation and Initial Configuration DSXXXX.

    Installation and Configuration NASInstalaciones.

    Installing and Configuring Storwize V7000 External Virtualization Sin.

    Installing and Configuring Storwize V7000 External Virtualization With.

    Installing and Configuring Disk Expansions.

    SAN Switchs Installation and Configuration (Up to 40 ports).

    SAN Switchs Installation and Configuration (Up to 80 ports).

    Installation and Configuration SAN directors.

    Installation and Configuration SAN Switchs Multiprotocol routers.

    SAN Switch Firmware Update.

    Firmware Update SAN Director.

    Firmware Update DSXXXX.

    Storwize V7000 Firmware Update.

Blade Center


  • Installing and Configuring Blade Center H (Including additional components: MMC, SAN and LAN Switch)
  • Installing and Configuring BladeCenter S (including additional components: MMC, SAS and LAN Switch, Internal Storage)
  • Installation and initial configuration of Blade Servers (Installing Additional Parts, RAID configuration and OS Installation Basic)