Services - Preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment


Preventive maintenance can detect repetitive failure , reducing downtime by stops , increase the life of equipment, reduce repair costs , identify weak points in the system, among a long list of advantages.

In computing , preventive maintenance is the periodic review of certain aspects of both hardware and software on a PC. These influence the reliable performance of the system, the integrity of the data stored and exchanged right at the maximum possible speed in the optimal system configuration information .

There is software that allows the user to constantly monitor the status of your computer , as well as make minor adjustments in an easy way within the preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is generally occupies in determining operating conditions, durability and reliability of a computer , such maintenance helps in reducing the time that can be generated by corrective maintenance.

With regard to preventive maintenance of a software product, unlike other types of maintenance (especially perfective maintenance) that, while the rest (corrective , evolutionary, perfective , adaptive ... ) usually occurs after a request , by the customer or end user , freezing occurs after a study of room for improvement in the various system modules.

Although preventive maintenance is considered valuable for organizations , a number of equipment failures or human error when performing these maintenance processes. Planned preventive maintenance and planned replacement are two of the three policies available to maintenance engineers .

The first objective of maintenance is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of equipment failures , achieving prevent incidents before they occur. The preventive maintenance tasks include actions such as change of worn parts , oil changes and lubricants, etc. . Preventive maintenance should avoid equipment failures before they occur.