Solutions - Networking


One of the major concerns of the international community today is the protection and safety of information technology resources , as it has been shown that due to the high degree of dependence that they have in all areas of economic development, represent strategic assets by the global economy .
The interconnection of data networks, the development of telecommunications , e-commerce and other technological advances tend to create a new dimension of free borders that facilitate global communication , and pose a new reality in political, economic , cultural and social terms. With this, the criticality of technology resources increases, and the potential impact of a threat increases in scope and severity.
In this issue , we are a solutions integrator and telecommunications networks that specializes in full cycle services networks of customers, which may include :


Support and / or post- installation maintenance


Optimizing systems (Hardware and / or Software)



Networking services described above are provided by SMARTIT BUSINESS Corp. in different levels:

Outsourcing: We assume full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the platform , established in service level agreements that are in place.

Task sourcing : We take partial responsibility for the operation and maintenance based on the service level agreements that are established platform.

Custom Services : For clients with very specific requirements , we offer the ability to create custom rules for services that combine the above elements and provide a specific solution to your requirements.