Services - Vulnerability Testing


Vulnerability testing allow the company to have a reasonable certainty to which a internal or externally originated security infrastructure of the company attack can be effective and find items to improve the infrastructure thus becoming a suitable measure for review the effectiveness of the controls , putting them to the test against the sophisticated tools to undermine its security are available online and will be managed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the field and a high sense of ethics.

Tests and trials will assess vulnerabilities among others the following:

Network -level security ( CAM Control Lists , MAC , IP, VLAN , ACLs , encryption ) .

Injection .

Cross -Site Scripting (XSS ) .

Handling sessions and break authentication.

Insecure Direct Object References .

Intercept requests between sites (CSRF ) .

Misconfigurations Security : FrameWork level , Operating System , Third Party Applications , etc. .

Storage encryption failure : unencrypted credit cards , credentials, etc. .

Lack of access restriction URL.

Inadequate safeguards at the transport layer : Incorrect use of safety certificates , etc. .

Redirects and shipments without validation.

Exploiting Faults in Operating Systems and Firmware .

Test Breakup passwords various methods ( Superpower , Dictionary hybrid etc . )

Among others.